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Sylwan is the oldest worldwide scientific journal dealing with forestry issues since 1820. After 200 years of publishing Sylwan in Polish, the Polish Forest Society, Editor of the journal, guided by the concern to ensure and strengthen its position in the market of scientific publications, has decided to carry out a deep reform of the journal, including, inter alia, switching to publishing papers exclusively in English. This change is scheduled to start in the middle of 2021. For this purpose the Editor, Scientific Board and Editorial Board request all potential Authors to submit their manuscripts for publication in Sylwan, prepared according to the updated Guidelines to be found on the new Sylwan webpage ( The ambition of Sylwan team is to raise the scientific position, level and range of the journal. Its long history and the role it played in the past and continues to play today in the forestry science and practice should attract, to the journal the largest possible group of Authors dealing with the widely understood relevant issues of forestry in temperate and sub-boreal regions. Therefore, during the transition time, we kindly request address all potential Authors to submit their papers to Sylwan in English. We hope that, with the support of the whole community of foresters, we shall be able to get the journal through this difficult phase for the benefit forestry science and practice in Poland and abroad.
The search engine for articles published before 2003 was connected to the scanned articles available in the AGRO database.
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DOI numbers are provided for all PDF files with scientific articles collected in the Sylwan database since 2003.
Please read the current version of the Guidelines for Authors before submitting new articles to the editor.